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By Bike

It’s easy to get around by bike in Ouest Cornouaille, with its many and varied lanes well geared to cycling tourists, allowing you to travel good distances at your own rhythm while admiring the countryside. Also make the most of our specially adapted cycl



The Bay of Audierne is easily accessible to cyclists thanks to two itineraries, roughly 65km in length, taking you from the Pointe du Raz to the Pointe de Penmarc’h, or vice versa.

The Coastal Véloroute
This is a route that has been specially adapted for bicycle users, taking into account cyclists’ safety, but the route is shared with cars. There is signage specifically for bicycle users along the way and you’ll find areas at which to stop, with picnic tables and sometimes toilets too. This stretch of coastal Véloroute forms just a tiny part of a massive project aiming, in the future, to make all Europe’s coasts accessible to cyclists.

La Route du Vent Solaire (Following the Solar Wind)
This discovery trail has 13 explanatory panels along the way, giving you insights into the countryside and heritage you’ll encounter on the route. The signage is being redone at time of writing, so consult our map for the latest information.
A discovery booklet covering the route is also available and a useful tool. You can pick up a copy, free of charge, at local tourist offices and at the Maison de la Pointe du Raz.

>>Please note: both these routes are also used by cars. Of the two, only the Véloroute (cycle route) has been set up with specific measures taking into account cyclists’ safety. However, along the stretch from Penmarc’h to a bit north of Plozévet, the two routes are largely the same. From Plouhinec to the Pointe du Raz, they are quite distinct, however. We encourage you to make the most of these cycling possibilities, particularly in summer, but always cycle safely.

Accessing the Bay of Audierne safely by bike. A string of itinéraires bourg-plage (town-to-beach itineraries), which are safe, sign-posted routes, have been put in place to reach the bay from the following places a bit inland: Plonéour-Lanvern (8.2km); Tréogat (5.9km); Plovan (1.2km); Pouldreuzic (6km); Landudec (11km); Plozevet (3.2km); and Esquibien (2.7km).

Our voies vertes (green ways) are routes that follow specially adapted former railway lines. These are open to all modes of non-motorized traffic, although horse riders should check on restrictions before setting out. The two voies vertes that exist in Ouest Cornouaille link Douarnenez to Quimper and Pont-l’Abbé to Pluguffan (just south of Quimper).  

There are also specially dedicated pistes cyclables (cycle tracks) in the Pays Bigouden. To find out more about these, ask at the local tourist offices.

For mountain bikers, there are 15 boucles VTT (mountain bike circuits) that have been approved by the Fédération Française de Cyclotourisme (the French Federation for Cycling Tourism). They vary in level of difficulty and offer a wide range of challenges.

Ideas for Cycle Trails

Sur les Traces du Brigand Trail – cycle trail
Taking you from Douarnenez to Pont-Croix (37km), follow in the tracks of notorious historic Breton brigands, as well as discovering other riches of the Pays de Douarnenez and Cap Sizun!

Mountain bike outings for families as well as for very sporty types are also on the cards in Ouest Cornouaille, with over 400km of specially sign-posted paths. Further information.

To rent a bike
- Le Guil'don, 17, rue de la paix au Guilvinec - 02 98 58 20 17;
- La Pédale bigoudène, 13, rue du Général De Gaulle à Loctudy - 02 98 87 42 00;
- Pierre Cariou, route de Pont L'Abbé à Pouldreuzic - 02 98 54 47 98;
-"Deux roues et Motocultures" à Landudec - 02 98 91 53 79;
- Garage du Stum (02 98 70 04 20) et Adrénaline Surf Shop à Audierne (02 98 70 07 98)
- Restaurant le Sainte Evette (02 98 70 10 29)
- Nord Ouest 02 98 58 61 26
6 Camping de la Torche 02 98 58 62 82

Organized rides
 Vélo cap sizun 02 98 75 09 33
 Cap Sizun Cyclisme 02 98 70 17 25
 A.L Plozévet cyclo 02 98 91 41 98
 Association cyclo poullan 02 98 74 27 53 (en soirée)
 Association VTT ouest Cornouaille 02 98 74 63 41
 Cyclos randonneurs Pont L’Abbistes 02 98 87 27 10
 Cycloclub Plomeur 02 98 87 02 73
 Tréogat Cyclo-club 02 98 87 69 30
 Association Plogastel Sports et Loisirs 02 98 54 51 78


By Bike

Balade autour des mégalithes_AOCD
La route du vent solaire à vélo_AOCD


To help you in your choice of cycling trails, a series of Topo-guides and maps of cycling paths are available at the Ouest Cornouaille Maison du Tourisme and in local tourist offices.
When setting off by bike:
-Take a bicycle pump with you;
-Give way to other users on the trails where necessary;
-Do not stray from the sign-posted paths (for example, bikes are not allowed on our coastal paths);
-Do not cycle in too big groups that block the way;
-Keep in control of your speed;
-Remember to travel with water or other drinks to keep you and the family well hydrated. 

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